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Friday, 18 March 2011 14:35


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Hitchhiking is quite popular in Russia, but not as much as in Europe. Most drivers will give you a lift for money, so if you're looking for low-cost travel always make sure the driver understands you won't pay anything beforehand. Despite horror stories about bad things happening in Russia, it is relatively safe to hitchhike, especially in the countryside. In some regions Russians expect a little bit of money for a ride

Friday, 18 March 2011 14:35

By car

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Driving a car is not a very enjoyable experience in Russia, as the distances are long, the roads are not very good quality, and the road police always tries to stop you and fine for something. Traveling in Russia by car can be difficult. Roads may be poorly marked, if marked at all, and poorly maintained, especially outside the cities and towns. Car rental services are only starting to develop in major cities such as Moscow or Saint Petersburg, and are expensive

Friday, 18 March 2011 14:34

By bus

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Most Russian cities have bus links to cities as far as 5-6 hours away or further. Though generally less comfortable than the train, buses sometimes are a better option time-wise and are worth looking into if the train timetables don't suit you. A small number of cities, notably Suzdal, are not served by train, and thus bus is the only option besides a car

Most cities have just one bus station for long distance buses and the state buses depart from there. However, in Moscow and in some other Russian cities, a number of commercial buses are available, and they generally don't depart from the bus station. Quite often, you'll see commercial buses near train stations. Sometimes they run on schedules, though for popular routes (such as Moscow-Vladimir, Moscow/Yaroslavl, etc.) the buses simply wait to fill up. On these buses payment is usually to the driver

Russian buses have luggage storage, but if it's an old Eastern-bloc bus, you may find your luggage wet at the end of the trip

Friday, 18 March 2011 14:33

By plane

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The tremendous distances of Russia make plane travel highly desirable if you plan to travel to some of Russia's more far-flung attractions. It's worth considering for any destination that is farther than an overnight train ride. Travelling across Russia by train can sound awfully romantic, but it's also time-consuming and rather monotonous. Nearly every major destination of interest has an airport nearby. The great majority of domestic flights are to/from Moscow, but other services exist.

We can book air tickets for internal travel as well as for some international sectors. Care should be taken as many of the newly opened airlines have old aircraft with poor service records. We will be happy to advise on and book the more reputable airlines that have working schedules

Friday, 18 March 2011 10:16

By train

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Russia has an extensive rail network linking nearly every city and town. For intercity travel, the train is generally the most convenient option for trips that can be covered overnight. Although accommodations may not be the best, Russian trains have efficient and courteous staff as well as timely departures and arrivals. The train is an option for longer trips (many Russians continue to use it for trips of 2 days or more), but mainly if you appreciate the nuances and experience of train travel in Russia. For the complete Russian rail experience the one-week Trans-Siberian Railway has no equal

Russian trains are divided into types: Long-distance trains generally cover trips more than about 4 hours or 200 kilometers (120 miles). Note that all long-distance trains in Russia run on Moscow time (which may be up to 9 hours off local time in the Far East). Shorter distances are covered by the commuter trains. Most train stations have separate areas for selling tickets for these types.

Most long-distance trains are set up for overnight travel. In these trains, three main kinds of cars are available

First class

The first class is called SV, and consists of compartments for two persons. Note that several Russian trains, including many international routes, have only 1st and 2nd class available. NB - To guarantee single occupancy of a cabin, for single travellers, you need to pay double the twin share cost; otherwise, there is a strong possibility that you will have to share your twin cabin with a stranger

Shared bathroom facilities are located at the end of the train car. There are special hatches that one may use to secure the door of the compartment from the inside during the night

Conductors always provide free water in samovars in every car and will usually sell you tea and lend you a mug and spoon. Most long-distance trains also have dining cars. The dining car of the express train is nicely appointed with real table linens, and an impressive menu and wine list, but is 3 to 4 times more expensive than eating in the city before and after you travel.

Note that there are more types of train between the two capitals than between any other two cities in Russia. Apart from ordinary trains, there are rapid trains (Sapsan) that run by day only and cover the 650 km between Moscow and Saint Petersburg in 4 hours. Some of the overnight trains are quite luxurious - these include the traditional The Red Arrow service and the newer, fake-Czarist-era Nikolaevsky Express, complete with attendants in 19-century uniforms. Sheets, towels and prepacked breakfasts are included in all the better trains

No one at Russian train stations speaks any English, so if you are not familiar enough with Russian to purchase your train ticket in person, it is suggested that you purchase online or through your travel agent before you depart. Also, note that all signage inside the train station is in Russian only, so finding your correct platform can be challenging 

Tickets can be bought at the train station, at travel agencies and online. You can purchase Russian train tickets at any Russian train station before your departure. However, demand on certain routes is extremely high so it makes a lot of sense to book your Russia train tickets ahead. We welcome you to use our advance reservation service and our electronic ticketing service that makes purchasing Russia train tickets convenient and simple